In Spanish, the colloquial expression "todera" refers to a person who does everything. My role as an art director at No B.S. Skin Care is to generate any creative content (photo, video, illustration, etc.) aligned with the marketing goals to drive sales while maintaining the spirit of the brand.

Landing pages  •  E-newsletters  •  Social Media Content  •  Video Editing  •  Digital Banners  •  Packaging  •  Display  •  Photo + Video Editing  •  Illustration
Shelf Talker
New Product Launch
Product Photo Direction, Packaging, Launching Campaign, Social Media
Image Concept
Image Concept
Photoshopped Product on Image
Photoshopped Product on Image
Art Direction for the bottle and the packaging shadows
Art Direction for the bottle and the packaging shadows
Create new packaging artwork ready for printing per brand guidelines.


Inside Packaging

Just Because
UGC Content Video Ads
Facebook Carousels
Product Benefits
Prime Day is Here
The Sh!t List Campaign
Website Banners
Photo shot on iPhone, retouched and color corrected in Photoshop
Landing Pages
Landing page created in Instapage, and integrated in Shopify. Desktop and Mobile versions.
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