I had the pleasure of working with Karla on our creative team, and I was consistently impressed by her creative abilities and dedication to delivering impactful concepts. Karla consistently produced result-driven designs that exceeded our clients' expectations.

One of Karla's standout qualities is her exceptional collaboration skills. She seamlessly integrated her ideas with those of the team, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment. Her willingness to help others and go the extra mile made her an invaluable asset to our projects.

Karla is not only talented but also someone you can trust wholeheartedly. She consistently demonstrated reliability and a strong work ethic, always ensuring that tasks were completed on time and to the highest standards. Her commitment to achieving excellence was evident in every project she undertook.

In summary, Karla is an outstanding Art Director who brings creativity, reliability, and strong collaboration skills to the table. I have no doubt that she will continue to excel in her future endeavors and make a significant impact wherever she goes.
“Awesome!” is how I would describe Karla Gomez in one word. I have had the pleasure of working closely with Karla over the past year and find her to be excellent at whatever she does. As our Art Director, Karla always added value with her vast and diverse experience working in the creative field.
Her skills include:
• Strong conceptual thinker who can turn smart concepts into beautiful designs.
• Versatile – she is a rare combination of art director and graphic designer, combining the skills of both.
• 100% dependable – Karla gets up to speed fast and works fast, though without compromising quality. When you expect a day saving assignment from Karla, she delivers.
• Excellent at client meetings and presentations, providing sound creative reasoning and elegant solutions to client input.
• Strong values – Karla always conducts herself with integrity, is passionate about the work and is one of those people who brings positive energy to the office each day.
The two most outstanding characteristics of Karla are her creativity and attention to detail. Often, she seems to pull ideas out of the air, though during our communication I discovered her vast knowledge in many spheres, as well as her ability to form associations between objects or subjects that at first seem to have nothing in common. In practice, this means that Karla is able to approach routine tasks from a different direction and with an alternative perspective, helping her create truly original designs within the restrictions of healthcare Rx products. As for the attention to detail, often immediately after kick offs, Karla would be the personified encyclopaedia of brand-books and brand design universe – leading to a very nuanced understanding of a brand’s persona – that helped crack great design language in very less time.
While Karla is someone who gets along well with all types of people, and is a team player; most notably, she exemplifies integrity, and demonstrates true compassion for people – in business and in person.
She would be a huge asset to any creative team and I personally look forward for our paths to cross.
Working with Karla for 2 years at L’Oreal Travel Retail Americas was a great and enriching experience. Karla came on board bringing a digital-focused approach to graphic design for key e-commerce and digital marketing projects. She was able to work across several beauty brands from luxury to mass market, understanding and reflecting the brand identities for each one. Karla took things beyond just design execution, she supported in providing creative guidance and best practice as well as assisting with project management and implementation of digital creative content. She was key in enabling us to extend digital activations successfully from 4 to over 10 brands.
She handled all this with a professional manner, proactive spirit and pleasant personality. She is a true asset and I’m certain she will be a star on any project she undertakes.
My time with Karla was brief but truly enjoyable. Our brand (and team) was in need of internal structure when she came on board and she was the perfect person for leading this. She took initiative to guide the brand through its rebranding efforts and oversaw many facets of this process with various digital marketing and e-commerce projects. She excels at identifying business needs and has a solid understanding of industry best practices. As a designer, she's efficient, extremely detail oriented and she executes deliverables at a master level. As a leader, she's fully capable of helping with managing projects and effortlessly supports her team through various stages of the design process. I can personally attest that her creative guidance not only pushed my design thinking, but also enhanced my technical skills as a designer. She's a multidisciplinary creative who possesses a great can-do attitude and just so happens to be funny in the break room. Without a doubt, she'll absolutely prove a valuable member to any team.
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